Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 14-16

We had the most fantastic of a whirlwind weekend. Friday night was dinner with uber-friends at P.F. Changs (you have not lived if you haven't had their garlic noodles) - so so good. AmeeShah and her hubs just returned from their Greecian honeymoon and we hadn't seen them or Summy and Guns in a quite a while. It was really nice to just sit and drink wine and catch up. The rest of the weekend was spent running errands and another dinner and a jaunt to a bar down the street. And for a nice treat my parents and aunt and uncle came in for the night Saturday. I took them to Petite Four Bakery and Eatzi's. Seriously I must have spent about $50 on just bread and cupcakes.

AmeeShah bought me two new Jeebitzs for my crocs! The open book and the lady bug! Crocs truly are the most hideous of shoes but let me tell you - it's like walking on clouds. And in light of all the headlines concerning the safety of Crocs, just be careful on escalators and always stand in the middle of the step.

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ameeshah said...

cool!!!! i'm honored! i want to go to PetitFours