Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19 - Tuesday

mr. roshbosh assembled the bookshelf last night. It's the one on the right. And yes. That is a box of Wheaties on the top and a 6-pack of Coke right below it - both commemorating UT's Rose Bowl Championship win. In case you missed it, an oil painting (a wedding gift for mr. roshbosh) of the UT Tower in the center. (Mo! We found it a home!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

June 15th-17th

First, the answer to last week's riddle.
You should decide on pictures before buying picture frames. I only managed to buy the butt-pillow and white pants.

This past weekend was a little bit of everything... Sunday was nice and lazy.

June 15th - Friday Mr. roshbosh's best bud Rohani came by for dinner Friday night. I defrosted some paneer sauce I had made awhile back, boiled some paneer, and viola! Dinner! Pani Puri for appetizers (that's the picture above), raita, naan, and rice. Simple but they ate well. I think.
June 16th - Saturday - most of Saturday - was spent waiting for the cable guy. Did laundry. Puttered around. Funny story though. mr. roshbosh continues to give money away. We went to chick fli-et and he paid for a coke, waffle fries, and a chicken sandwich with a ten and drives off without getting the change. it's funny because he's been doing that a lot lately - giving away money. He tipped a valet guy in Austin with a $10 when he meant to give him a $1.

Saturday night we went to the Meghani's second reception. Oh Amee looked so pretty! The pictures above don't do her outfit justice but it was the prettiest shade of green and completely embroidered. I just love the pics above. It just makes sense. The two of them. Right there. Together.

Friday, June 15, 2007

it's here!

The coffee table finally arrived! and she is so so pretty! Heavy. Very heavy. But perfect for the space. I just need to make an arrangement of white flowers for the table and add some personality on the walls. all-said it's beginning to feel more like a home and less like a hotel. I've got a week-long conference next week so I'm hoping to get some decorating done this weekend. the wall frames will have to wait but I would like to get the flower arrangement and a few frames for the c-table. oh goodness but then there's deciding what to put in the frames! what came first? the chicken or the egg? do I buy the frames and then decide on the pictures or pick the pictures and then buy the frames?

The desk/console/vanity we ordered from target.com came in as well - 36 hours after we placed the order! it's a little taller than i expected and the seat that goes with it isn't positioned any higher relative to the table so I'll have to get some seat cushions. but it was so nice to be able to put on my make up seated in front of natural light with all my goodies spread out in front of me! and mr. roshbosh won't have to deal with tornadoes of beauty products whipping through the bathroom anymore...

so my to-shop-for list for the weekend...
*white flowers
*glass vase
*picture frames
*butt cushion for the new chair
*white pants
*pretty mirror for desk top

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

missed opportunities.

I bought these rain boots almost 3 weeks ago and have been waiting for it to rain ever since! Like a chubby, pink-cheeked kid wishing for a snow day, I've been checking the weather everyday hoping for a deluge.

I didn't check the weather last night. And well, it rained today and I am without boots.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is something missing?

Why yes! Glad you asked! The coffee table I have been waiting 2 weeks for didn't arrive today. The sales associate who helped us accidentally ordered the wrong top to the table. The table comes in 2 shapes - rectangle and square - and what came was the rectangle base and the square top.

We'll try this again next Thursday.

'Tis the season!

Out of the past 10 weekends , mr. roshbosh and I have had 6 wedding-somethings and 1 college graduation (yay Broder!) . We've had the past 2 weekends off but we start up again this weekend! We're headed to Tulia, Texas (pop: 4,714) for my Dad's cousin's wedding. Tulia is an hour drive outside of Amarillo - my birthplace - and mr. roshbosh has never been so I'm really excited for him to see West Texas! I think he's a little nervous about it but seriously - if George Straight thought enough of Amarillo to write a song about, how bad can it be? Pics and post will follow next week...

Two of the four May weddings we attended were for two of my most favorite people - Lauren and Amee. Lauren's was Friday - May 4th in Austin , TX. The picture on the left is of the reception - the wedding and brunch reception were both at Laguna Gloria. It was so incredibly picturesque - an outdoor morning ceremony, perfectly overcast, overlooking the water. They had a dinner reception that night at Capital Grill. I don't have very many pictures from any of the events but I guess that's expected when you're a bridesmaid!

The second wedding was one weekend later - May 10-12th. Amee had a mendhi Thursday night, a dinner Friday night, and the wedding ceremony and reception Saturday. Again, I don't have any pictures (will post some once I've bummed some off someone) but one of the highlights of the festivities was a skit that we ( me, mr. roshbosh, Annie, Daven, Sumant, and Shilpa) put on about Amee and Ankur's first date. The set-up was "blind date" with a little "24" mixed in and was based loosely on their actual first date. We had so much fun putting it together and performing. Because I don't do well in front of crowds I was a "bubble girl" - I held up Amee's (a.k.a Shilpa) thought bubbles and Annie held up Ankur's (a.k.a Daven) bubbles.

A BIG congrats to Sumant and his honey who got engaged last weekend in NYC! Baldy's getting married!