Monday, June 18, 2007

June 15th-17th

First, the answer to last week's riddle.
You should decide on pictures before buying picture frames. I only managed to buy the butt-pillow and white pants.

This past weekend was a little bit of everything... Sunday was nice and lazy.

June 15th - Friday Mr. roshbosh's best bud Rohani came by for dinner Friday night. I defrosted some paneer sauce I had made awhile back, boiled some paneer, and viola! Dinner! Pani Puri for appetizers (that's the picture above), raita, naan, and rice. Simple but they ate well. I think.
June 16th - Saturday - most of Saturday - was spent waiting for the cable guy. Did laundry. Puttered around. Funny story though. mr. roshbosh continues to give money away. We went to chick fli-et and he paid for a coke, waffle fries, and a chicken sandwich with a ten and drives off without getting the change. it's funny because he's been doing that a lot lately - giving away money. He tipped a valet guy in Austin with a $10 when he meant to give him a $1.

Saturday night we went to the Meghani's second reception. Oh Amee looked so pretty! The pictures above don't do her outfit justice but it was the prettiest shade of green and completely embroidered. I just love the pics above. It just makes sense. The two of them. Right there. Together.

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