Thursday, June 7, 2007

'Tis the season!

Out of the past 10 weekends , mr. roshbosh and I have had 6 wedding-somethings and 1 college graduation (yay Broder!) . We've had the past 2 weekends off but we start up again this weekend! We're headed to Tulia, Texas (pop: 4,714) for my Dad's cousin's wedding. Tulia is an hour drive outside of Amarillo - my birthplace - and mr. roshbosh has never been so I'm really excited for him to see West Texas! I think he's a little nervous about it but seriously - if George Straight thought enough of Amarillo to write a song about, how bad can it be? Pics and post will follow next week...

Two of the four May weddings we attended were for two of my most favorite people - Lauren and Amee. Lauren's was Friday - May 4th in Austin , TX. The picture on the left is of the reception - the wedding and brunch reception were both at Laguna Gloria. It was so incredibly picturesque - an outdoor morning ceremony, perfectly overcast, overlooking the water. They had a dinner reception that night at Capital Grill. I don't have very many pictures from any of the events but I guess that's expected when you're a bridesmaid!

The second wedding was one weekend later - May 10-12th. Amee had a mendhi Thursday night, a dinner Friday night, and the wedding ceremony and reception Saturday. Again, I don't have any pictures (will post some once I've bummed some off someone) but one of the highlights of the festivities was a skit that we ( me, mr. roshbosh, Annie, Daven, Sumant, and Shilpa) put on about Amee and Ankur's first date. The set-up was "blind date" with a little "24" mixed in and was based loosely on their actual first date. We had so much fun putting it together and performing. Because I don't do well in front of crowds I was a "bubble girl" - I held up Amee's (a.k.a Shilpa) thought bubbles and Annie held up Ankur's (a.k.a Daven) bubbles.

A BIG congrats to Sumant and his honey who got engaged last weekend in NYC! Baldy's getting married!


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