Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19 - Thursday

My photo-mojo has been missing for awhile now. I've had the hardest time capturing shots. And not just good shots, I mean any type of descent shot. And I don't know why. Besides the problem being me of course, I've wondered if it's the camera I'm using. Or if it's the mood. Or the light. But whatever it is, I'm really beginning to miss that rush of capturing something before it gets away; of capturing something that doesn't even realize its been captured.

We took a family vacation to San Fran last November - me, mr. roshbosh, along with our parents and siblings, and I was so anxious about not being able to get into the picture-taking groove. And it did take some time before the familiar feeling began to return, but by the time it/I started to pick up momentum, it was time to leave.

I was in such a rush to feel and work with the pictures from the trip that I had an album laid out within three days of returning home. I was relieved to have gotten some great pictures. Not a lot, but enough. And by great pictures, I mean authentic pictures. Pictures that evoke. Like the one above. (It's one of my favorites from the trip, and the lighting isn't great, but it is absolutely my brother and my sister and their relationship. It's them. Real and simply.)

The lesson from all of this I suppose I've realized is that photography, like so many other hobbies and activities, takes practice. I think knowing what to look for and knowing how to draw something (figuratively) out of its hiding spot, takes constant study until it does become intuitive. And that intuition is the mojo. But you have to keep the mojo working or you'll begin to miss the moments and instances. I've been photographing my brother and sister for a while now, and have learned how recognize them behind a lens. But I haven't been shooting regularly, and it's taking me some time to re-focus. In the words of another blogger, Jen - Beebee Mod, "To find that balance between taking a picture and capturing life."

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