Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 31 - Thursday

oh the propaganda!

mr. roshbosh's brother - my b-in-law - bought me "football for dummies".

the first chapter is titled ”America’s Greatest Game” and the subsequent sections aren't any less offensive...”Why Football is the Best”, “Why Anyone Would Play Football”, “Why the Super Bowl is Number One”, “Why Millions Cheer Each Year for College Football”.

but I'm reading and I'm learning. that's the important thing.

things I've learned so far...

*the width of a football field is 160 feet or 53 1/3 yards

*a coach will put - or should put - his best offensive lineman at left tackle if the QB is right-handed

*the first form of football played, as we know it today, was played between Princeton and Rutgers - Rutgers won

I think it's only fair that b-in-law agrees to watch "the secret world of haute couture with me".


amee said...

good job with balancing football and haute couture. tell me how he responds to it!get him to watch several runway shows...it's very addicting!

Salman said...

I'll watch something about haute couture, but we're gonna need cupcakes!