Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29 - Tuesday

so for those of you that know mr.roshbosh, you know that he is a guy's guy- football, flatulence, dirty jokes - the whole enchilada. fancy dinners for him are ones that are eaten at a table (instead of the sofa) - white table cloth not necessary.

Well, I get a call at lunch today, and he tells me that he wants to have a team-building party for his team at work - a dessert and drinks and game night type thing at our place.

"Cool" I think.

He continues to tell me his thoughts..."...so we can have desserts and I was thinking we could get a cheese plate and that Blue Nun Riesling we found..."

He, mr. roshbosh, the quintessential "man's man", "guy's guy", "the toilet is my throne" type - used the words "cheese plate" and "Riesling" in the same sentence.

Then he follows it up with an email mentioning "manchego".

seriously. he never ceases to surprise me.

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amee said...

haha!!! that's so funny.

love the manchego line!!!!!