Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 12 - Thursday

So the Cusack and I just returned from the "the Fray" concert. I want to say that the show was awesome but that's just not the right word. I've used that word to describe so many other things - other things deservedly awesome in their own way - but it's just not right in this instance. Too trite a word for what it was. Amazing? Wonderful? Maybe I'm feeling a tad too sentimental - it was my first concert in 18 months and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed going to concerts.

The show ended with "look after you" - my most favorite song on the album. The song on its own is enough to take my breath away but when they mixed in oasis's "wonderwall" I was smitten and head-over-heels.

I miss the day of "real" tickets i.e. the 2"x 6" slat of card stock with an embossed marque that you could slip in between the pages of a book and come across years later with all the letters and numbers still alive and that would give you the same butterflies you got the night of the concert. Today you have 2 options. One, it's either printed on thermal paper and inevitably fades, or two, the ticket is sent to you electronically for you to print. So unromantic. The lovely picture above is a photograph of my ticket lest the imprint fades or melts or cracks. And no it's not saving my spot in a book. That's what this blog is for. ;-)

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Mo said...

You can still get the cardstock, they are just gonna charge a crap load to print out the ticket and send it to you these days. good thing you have a blog to record everything!! i remember the good old days of a concert a week...ahh the good old days.