Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 20 - Friday

So in an attempt to keep busy until I could get my hands on the final HP book EVER! I decided that Friday afternoon was as good a day as any to try my hand at Parisian macaroons.

Let me tell you...they are a b*tch to make!

First, I had to make almond flour. That took a good 2-episodes of "what I like about you". The combining of the ingredients after that wasn't difficult but the baking was interesting. The delicate cookies had to bake in the oven with the oven door slightly ajar and then rotated every couple of minutes to ensure even baking. By the end of it, the kitchen felt like Hades, looked like science experiment gone bad, and I had 6 coffee-flavored cookies. That's it from a recipe that was to yield 16.

I will definitely make the cookies again. They're too nummy not too. But the filling needs tweaking. Instead of a buttercream, which was too sweet for the delicate cookie, I think I'll try a Swiss meringue instead.

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