Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17 - Tuesday

mr. roshbosh and I went the Shakespeare in the park this evening for a showing of Romeo & Juliette. Any excuse to bake so I made chai cupcakes. Not my best - I'd give it an 6 on the scale. Not enough chai flavor. mr. roshbosh told me he liked the "pumpkin" flavor of the cupcake.

My two next baking projects are Parisian macaroons (need to do a bit more research on almond flour) and tiramisu - I've got two tubs of marscopone cheese in the freezer just waiting to fulfil their destiny!


Daszzle said...

yum, sounds delicious! Hope your tiramasu (sp?) turns out beautifully!

Mo said...

dude how long are you gonna hold on to that cheese? go ahead and start your 2 day processing of the tiramisu..