Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August 5 - 6, Sunday & Monday

From everything I can or attempt to cook or make or bake - do you know what I have the HARDEST time with? And it's a dear shame because it's one of mr. roshbosh's most favorite things in the world to eat...


I cannot for the life of me and my loved ones cook peas! They always a) still taste frozen and/or b) don't cook all the way. And I always, always follow the directions when I cook peas - I can't say that for many other things. And I have tried everything! It's the funniest and oddest thing.

Tips anyone?


Mo said...

seriously rosh? peas? i'm shocked. well i'll tell you what i do..i don't put them directly in water..i just steam them..but you don't want to steam for too long..otherwise they start looking dark. try a steam basket and make sure the water is at that rolling boiling stage.

amee said...

hey rosh! you are so super supportive of my blog. thanks for commenting. as for peas, i just throw the frozen ones in a bowl with a thin slice of butter (depends on how much you have) and microwave for two minutes. add salt and pepper. ta-da!
if you accidentally overcook them, no worries - try something new like sweet pea mash...like mashed potatoes, but healthy.