Thursday, August 2, 2007

July 27 - 28 , Friday & Saturday

mr. roshbosh and I made a trip to Target Friday night (well, we actually made 3 trips to find what we needed) to buy games for the game night we were having on Saturday night. We came away with the games in photograph AND a chess set!

Now many attempts have been made to teach me the game - mr. roshbosh himself has tried many, many times - but I've never stuck with it. I think this time may be different. We stayed up playing until about 1 am (I know - we sound like such an old, married couple) and I am proud to say that according to mr. roshbosh, I made some good, strategic moves. It was such a change to have to stop and think in linear terms - I'm so used to just quickly responding to a situation.

Game night was a lot of fun - we had about 12 people over and lots of beer and wine. It was nice to do something different. I forgot how competitive mr. roshbosh can get. It's not enough for him to win - he has to win BIG! I was also reminded how uncomfortable I get with charade type things - no matter what I have to act out I am convinced I look like a washed- dolphin flapping around everywhere - which would be great if that's what my team had to guess. I envy people who can get up and are comfortable enough to just go for it.

hmmm...I should have taken pictures.


Mo said...

ah game night..such a married couple thing to do! we gotta get clint and mr. rosh playing games together cuz that would be hilarious!

amee said...

what? you can't be embarrassed!! that's ridiculoso-ness! you're such a confident person!!! :)

game night for the record is a cool-people thing to do! well planned rosh.